Friday, September 25, 2009

Awesome Autumn Additions!

We had ourselves another fun little craft night for Fall Crafts. So I wanted to share all the great ideas with you all!

Diannah made this great witches boot. I love it. She paid so much attention to detail that really made this craft so fabulous! It is made out of pine. It is 4 separate wood pieces that she also routed to smooth off the edges giving the craft and overall chunky feel.

This spider on the star is super cute! And notice the ribbon is held on with a bead and knotted at the end. GREAT touch!

April gave us these cute tags! These dollar store sketetons are such a great addition to this vintage inspired tag. The great little details include the felt embellishment on the bottom of the tag and a key on the skeleton's arm! LOVE IT!

April also made this great BOO banner. Very simple, and VERY cute! It is just some scrap muslin fabric with a zig zag stitch with "BOO" stamped on them! A great finishing touch for any halloween decor!

Randi and Jeni made this great Trick or Treat banner! Jeni is our resident scrapbooker and her talents really came shining through on this craft. She always has a great attention to detail!
The banner is made from cardstock, scrapbook paper, ribbon, corrugated letters, and ribbon.

The little spiders added to random letters is such a fun detail!

Notice the ribbon that embellishes each of the pennants covering the scrapbook paper seam. The corregated letters are painted and then distressed. LOVE IT! And to protect the paper they laminated each of the pennents before they glued on the ribbon, letter and spiders. When all is said and done, punch 2 holes in the top and string with ribbon.

Traci made the lovely pumpkin flower arrangement. Pick your favorite fall flowers/folliage and arrange in a foam pumpkin. To do this glue in a floral foam block and arrange your flowers. Great way to soften up your home with fall colors!

Okay, April did go crazy this time around and also made us these fabric pumpkins. It is hard for a creative soul to sit still. And we are glad she shared that creativity with us! If you check back to earlier fall posts (click the fall post on the side bar) you will see her very detailed pumpkins as well. But these are great for a bench because your kids cannot hurt them. Puppies that's another story :) But I love them and they look perfect on my bench. They can really go anywhere.

Jill made this hanging leaf plaque. The leaves are very glittery and really add some bling to your house. Jill decoupaged the scrapbook paper on a routed, painted plaque and then glued on the leaves. The finished off hanging ribbon makes this a perfect decoration.

Teresa mad this great wall hanging. She also made this with pine and some misc. thinner wood for the embellishments. The berries and spanish moss area great addition to give the craft anadded touch. What a great fall craft!

Rachel made this Halloween Countdown that my kids love! It is so fun for them to keep track of the days until the great candy feast!!! :) This is made with the 4 X 4 blocks and 8" of 2 X 4. She then decoupaged on the different scrapbook papers and vinyl numbers/lettering. She got the craft idea from Poppy Seed Projects and ordered the kit. Awesome craft!! They have a great wesite that you can order crafts. Check it out!

All in all we had some great fall crafts this time around. Thanks ladies!!


Unknown said...

cute cute cute stuff, n pics. I need to get me some dollar store skeletons!

Camille said...

Everything is so cute. I love checking out your blog.

wordnerd (Rebecca Carey Rohan) said...

These fall crafts are all so wonderful! Sadly, I'm not super-crafty and would need detailed instructions on how to make most of them. :-D Maybe I could manage the leaf plaque--any idea where she got the glittery leaves? Also, I can't tell, is the outer edge of the plaque painted?

Erika said...

so sorry! I will get my friends to make up instructions to share. You are right. I do like to share instructions on here.

Anonymous said...

gettting me in the mood for fall! cute, cute cute