Thursday, June 19, 2008


Some of my most interesting decorative pieces are what others may call Junk!  My husband has used that word may times, But after 13 years of marriage, countless salvage yards/antique shops, so many unfinished projects, and many finish projects my husband has learned to trust me.  I love that about him.  He has always been supportive of my crazy ideas.  My first item of junk I will introduce you to is my beautiful door (on the title).  It has a history.  

It came from the old ghost mine building in Globe, AZ.  Just before the building was torn down I was admiring it as the old out house door.  I loved the black porcelain knob and the perfect aging of the paint.  And the color was perfect.  Not knowing at the time that the building was to be torn down I dare not ask to just take a door off of these people's home.  About a month later discovering the building was torn down I morned for all of the beautiful window, doors, and fixtures that were lost.  As we drove trough the mountains past Miami in the little area known as Top of the World, I stopped at a quaint little "antique" shop and saw my door.  $20, a good washing, and a thorough lacquer job* later this door is one of my favorite focal points in my house.  It is very shabby!  I love it!  

My first point to this blog is keep your eyes open.  The best pieces are found in the strangest places.  So always keep your eyes open at yard sales, thrift stores, salvage yards, alleys, dumpsters, and flea markets.  Sometimes all that is needed is a coat of paint and a good distressing!

*anytime you buy something old and you suspect the paint may have lead in it, I recommend using some type of sealant to assure that the paint won't chip off for little mouths to find.  I use a brush on poly-acrylic polyurethane.