Sunday, April 2, 2017

First Things First: Garage

Our move-in budget had to include immediate garage attention.  No one wants to move into a garage to have to take it all out later to do the floor.  Here is our before pic:
We knew we wanted to patch up some drywall, and the cabinets were not too stable.  So demo brought some not so good surprises!  Yes, extensive water damage and those lovely lines on the footing are the direct rought for termites to continue to enjoy our new home. Needless to say the termite company had a warranty and were there the next day drilling into the foundation.  Our drywall repairs were a bit more extensive and we ended up finding a great drywall guy to get the job done.
Time for paint.  The floor company was ready to grind off the paint and get the floor beautiful.  The previous owners used pegboard on the floor where the tires would go, hence the beautiful void of fire engine red paint on the floor. 
New epoxy floor coating and fresh paint on all walls and ceilings. turned out amazing and new cabinets were added. I used a semigloss paint.  Washability is key in a garage.
 We floated the cabinets and used some adjustable legs to support.
(we later found that the roof repair prior to us moving in did not prevent further leaking, so AFTER WE do the roof repair we will need to most likely need to do some more drywall repairs... sigh) With the cabinets raised the water will pool up in the crack on the garage floor, so hopefully the cabinets will not be too damaged.  Time will tell.

Here are some fun organization ideas we used...
Long board holder:

Wood storage:  Used old pallet wood and misc scraps.  3 different sections organize different lengths. The ceilings are low in this garage and brackets on the back wall were used for longer pieces.

I finally got my lockers done for additional storage.

Wish list: Built in work bench, tankless HW heater, and new garage doors.  Updates will be made to this post when those are done. :)

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