Monday, May 4, 2009

A Touch of Sentiment

My friend Robin at The Swanky Flea made me this cute little Fairy in a Jar.  She is making these cute little Fairies in a Jar for a show in Downtown Mesa on the 16th of May.  I had her make me one for me for my Mother's Day gift to my mom.  
My grandma, who died a couple of years ago, gave me a bunch of baby pics so I asked Robin to make my fairy with a copy of my grandma's baby pic.  This Mother's Day lands on my grandma's birthday so I thought this would be a great gift to give my mother.  Here is how it turned out:

You can contact Robin by clicking here to have her make your own custom fairy in a Jar.  Or if you want a pre-made Fairy in a Jar go check out all the fun stuff she will have at her show on the 16th.

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Rachel, Tony & Family said...

very cute, I would love one with the twins