Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Crafts

Here are some really cute ideas sent in by Camille. They are really fun for Halloween.

The Halloween Countdown

This is a craft she did that turned out so cute.  They got the idea from Holiday Home Magazine on page 24. They changed it a little. It is magnetic and is a cookie sheet from the dollar store, painted and aged. The calendar grid and countdown header are glued on paper. Really fun! Each of the numbers are something different from around the house with a magnet glued on the back. 

Black Cat Head

The cat in the same picture she made out of paper mache with the instant stuff. It is much easier to work with and so much better. The only down side to the instant paper mache seems to be the extremely long drying time.

Happy Halloween Banner

The banner is just paper and then laminated and stapled onto ribbon.

Super Easy!

Spooky Letters
The letter are just wood with scrapbook paper Mod Podged on them.  You can find letters at your local craft store or cut your own out with some 1" wood (pine) and a scroll saw.  I pick a font that I like and then copy it on to the wood with carbon paper.  

Wooden Pumpkins

These pumpkins are essentially three pieces of wood that are cut in the shape of an arch.  Place all pieces together and trace out the mouth.  Cut out mouth hole.  Cut out two leaves and some thin eyebrows.  Paint all pieces accordingly.  Let dry.  Distress with a light sanding.  Antique pieces (I like to use watered down burnt umber-Delta Ceramcoat).  To assemble you can use some thin scrap wood behind the three pieces to secure together with staples or nails and some wood glue.  Glue on eyebrows and leaves with wood glue.  Paint on the eyes and nose.

Thank you Camille for all of these great ideas!


Mary, Tyson and Family said...

I love the count down. Camille where did you find all of those numbers? That is very cute. Bri-my daughter was looking at the blog with me and said I want those halloween decorations in our house! Your house must be very popular!

Unknown said...

Hint from Katrina About using the instant paper mache stff is not make a solid form but to sculp about a foam ball or a balloon. That way you won't have to wait forever for it to dry and it's a light weight for mailing too:-)

SHERI said...

Hi- I love your blog. I hope you don't mind I linked to you on my craft blog!

Angela said...

How cute is this! You and your blog buddies must live in the west- because I know my East coast friends are not this creative! I love all of the ideas!

kim said...

Love the Magnet board. So cute. Thanks for sharing!

Diannah said...

I love the countdown. That would make a great inexpensive neighbor gift for Christmas also!