Sunday, September 7, 2008

What Time Is It????

Clocks! No, not the song by Coldplay, but a favorite 'timeless' craft. About 6-7 years ago a friend taught me that anything could be a clock. So while getting ready to scrap my old 3 legged table from my youth I thought this would be a great clock! So then it was born, I became a CLOCK JUNKY. So this is my first clock I made.

The next thing we knew this became a favorite for Super Saturday Craft Days. I even made up some stencils to help the process.

But today it is a little harder. You cannot find the particle board rounds that used to make this such and easy craft.

So a couple of years ago we decided to have a clock day and we set aside one day to cut out all of the rounds and the other day to paint and decorate. And the best part about that is that since we were cutting it out we could make it as big as 48" if we wanted to. So here are pictures of a 36" (top) clock and a 42" clock (bottom) that we made. It really is a fun thing to make. When we made clocks we figured the total cost of a 42" clock to be $40 (but we stenciled the numbers and lettering-vinyl lettering may cost more.

I usually get my ideas from magazines. If you like to look of a clock in a magazine copy it! Can you tell? -the pictures on the left were taken from my favorite magazines, do they look familiar???

This is pretty much my only claim to fame while doing a clock demo on the midday news. That was a really fun opportunity.

Click Here for Instructions on making your own clock (PDF format)

Click Here to print off the angle template.

And as with anything on this blog you are more than welcome to share ideas and finished projects with us-just click the link on the sidebar!


Mary, Tyson and Family said...

I absolutly LOVE my clock. (Richins Clock Co.) Anyone who comes to my house would ask where I got that clock and does it really work everyone is so amazed. In fact one time the missionaries requested to eat at, "the house with the big clock", luckily the person aranging meals for them was also my visiting teacher so she knew exactly who they were talking about. So I better cook good meals to keep the legend of the "big clock" in good standing. Thanks Erika!

Lorena said...

I never knew you were SOOOO famous!

I wish my clock was a little bigger...this might have to be my next project.

Anonymous said...

Are you still able to hook us up with clock parts? I have a great clock I made and the clocks no longer ticking. I think if I just order more parts, it will be good as new!

Erika said...

You can just order the movement from if you are in Scottsdale by the air park you can even pick it up, but the shipping is reasonable so its worth the price of gas and time to have it shipped.

The part # for the movement from timesavers is: 20681, its $5.00. I have been very happy with them.

Christie said...

Can you just come live with me for a while, ya know move in finish my projects, help me know what to do. I do love the clock and I am going to make one for me and one for my mom. But the rest of the house could sure use you.

Geoff and Emily said...

I remember watching you on TV making those clocks. It seemed like Jeanine Ford was as amazed as we all were with how talented you are. Grandma was telling everyone to make sure and watch her famous granddaughter-in-law! Too funny!

Erika said...

Christie, after someone moves in to help me finish my projects!! I have a HUGE list of things to do and get done! I think it's never ending.
Emily, I think Jeanine was acting! I do have to say that it was a really fun experience though. I love to get the word out on fun projects! As you can tell-hence the blog!

Nampa Gropp Gang said...

Can you tell me where to get the mechanism and clock hands? Mine stopped working!

Erika said...

I got them from and you can check out as well. After Rachel's comment I left the item number for the movement I use (you need to make sure with large clocks to use the HIGH TORQUE movements). Your hands should still be fine, unless you want a different style, if you clock is not working you just need to replace the movement.

Good luck!

Jan said...

I got to make one of your clocks at enrichment, that's where I met you :) I love the clock! You are so fun and creative,I can't wait to see all the fun projects you have instore for us!!