Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Idea Book

I am a copier! When I see a good idea I am pretty good at copying it and putting my own little twist on it. So I do enjoy searching for ideas. A prime example of this is the idea of an idea book. A friend gave me this idea and I ran with it.
Does this look Familiar?
Do your magazines pile up and you can't throw them away because to there are a couple of pages of cute ideas?

If you answered yes go through your magazines now and just rip out the pages that have your ideas.
Now throw those magazines in the recycle (go green right?) and liberate yourself from those old magazines!

Now that pile of magazines should look like this.

If you are really motivated divide your piles into sections, ex. garden ideas, craft ideas, architectural features, decorating ideas, furniture, house ideas . . . what ever you like!

Now this is to simplify, so make it easy on yourself. Don't go all "scrapbook" on this project. Just make it functional!

Now you are ready! Get a binder (about 2"), some page protectors and some old card stock that you never used and throw it all together.

This is now your base for projects you would love to do! It is so fulfilling to look through your idea book and see what you accomplished. If you enjoy patting yourself on the back, put a picture of your finished project in your book next to your idea. And then share your project with us on this blog!

My son and I made this video for a Church Spring Cleaning Activity! Very Cheesy, but aren't all infomercials?


Jan said...

I have two filing boxes. Everytime I get a magazine I give myself time to get through it,read the articles and then cut it up. I have catagories like; window treatments, fall decorating, how to decorate your table for different holidays, etc. I like your idea better of putting the ideas in a book. I do this with my photography stuff, I don't know why I didn't think of it for decorating ideas-fun idea Erika!

Unknown said...

I am in the stage of cutting out the things from my Simple mags. Then I will recycle them more by sending them to school with the kids for "crafts" stuff for the teachers.
Katrina in AZ

Anonymous said...

I have one of these folders. I'm always ripping out ideas out of all these FREE magazines I get. I get them from Start Sampling and Spoofee and other sites. I love your cute little idea blog.