Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Traci & Teresa sent me the idea of making your own cornice.  They have made quite a few over the years and got the idea from Family Handyman Magazine.  You can find the article by Clicking Here!

Here are some of their finished projects:

Here is a detail of the black cornice.


Angela said...

What a great website- I should have found you last week before my portfolio fell! I love these cornices, and I am a huge moulding fan in very non unique house on the East coast! So I dream of finding fab houses decked with tons of moulding!

Erika said...

Thanks for your comment Angela. We love New England- the houses out there are so unique and beautiful (compared to the desert). I can't believe they have non unique homes there. This is coming from the cookie cutter central of AZ! Hopefully you can get some good ideas and make your own house more unique!! Its easier than it tends to look. I will get more "how-to" moulding posts up SOON. And please share any ideas you have as well. I love as much input on this blog!