Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calling All Fall Crafts!

Fall is officially 11 days away! Yes, it is time to get going with the fall crafts. Being the practical person I am, I love fall decorating because you can keep it up 2 months and then some, if you start early! Being in Arizona I almost feel like maybe if I decorate for fall it may start to feel like fall--COOLER!

Halloween Sign

Here is a craft that Deana sent me.

The great thing about this craft is you can really put anything you want on it!
If you just wanted to make it fall exclusive you could put "Autumn, Harvest, Family" To make it Christmas you could put "Peace, Joy, Love" or for spring you could put different flower names.
I am just throwing out ideas here but let us know if you have other ideas for sayings too!

So let your imagination run wild!

Click Here for the instruction on how to make the signs

**please note, the estimated cost for this craft listed on the instructions is before vinyl. Vinyl can rang anywhere from $4.00-$8.00

Gratitude Jar

This is a craft we did last year that my friend Jenny designed. She is an exceptional scrapbook/card maker and we can alway count on her for great designs! It is a great craft for Thanksgiving. We encourage our kids to put something they are grateful for during the month of November up to Thanksgiving. Then on Thanksgiving we all read to each other what we are grateful for. They are anonymous (even though the writing gives it away) and can be quite funny. We tell the kids to think of ANYTHING that they are grateful for that day. My husband and I even write something in for the little children who cannot write.

Click Here for instructions on Gratitude Jars


Christie said...

On the frame idea, my sister has one that says Families Are Forever. It's very cute. Thnaks for all your ideas.

Mary, Tyson and Family said...

I am proud to say I am number three hundred!!! And it's not like I kept going to your blog 10 times so I could be 300 I honestly was. I'm lovin this blo especially since you have instrusctions for everything. I wanna try the frame one. You need to post a picture of your fall yard last year, with the scare crow and all! Did you take a pic of it? Very Cute!!!

Brenay Family said...

So, don't laugh at my question because I am new to the crafty world! :) Where can you get vinyl lettering? I'm probably the only person in the world who knows nothing about it!

Erika said...

Locally I know a gal in Mountain Ranch that does vinyl lettering out of her house. Her contact email is If anyone knows of anyone elsewhere that know of a good vinyl lettering co. feel free to comment their info.

This Girl said...

I love your site! I just found it through a friends blog. I have some ideas that I will have to share when I have an extra minute. :)

Sparrow said...

well hello stranger! how are you doing?! your porch looks fabulous, and your blog looks wonderful! i am new to the blog thing too... send me your email and we can chat! it's so GOOD to hear from you!


Erika said...

I do have to make a confession, my porch pic is from 4 years ago when my crysanthamums were rockin! I will put in the current pic when Allison sends in her porch pix and we do the fall porch post. COMING SOON I promise. I have about 5 drafts in the works and will have them out soon. I had sinus surgery last week and I am just starting to surface so i apologise for the lack of posts, but i will make it up soon.

Unknown said...

love the wall deco for halloween but I clicked on the word to get directions and it went to a expired page:-(
Katrina in AZ

Erika said...

Thanks Katrina, it should work now.

Amy Singleton said...

We made the cute Halloween signs tonight. They turned out awesome. One of my cousins used purple glitter on her frames and it turned out soooo cute. I also used the Vinyl lettering suggested above and she was the best. I would highly recommend her.

StacyLynn said...

hey i clicked on the click here for the instructions on how to make the sign but it goes to a blank page is there anyway i can get the link to how to make the halloween sign

thanks stacy